How To Perform Various Massages?


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Massage can be beneficial if the pain comes from a contracture. In any case, the massage relieves muscle stress and reduces the risk of injury. It also increases the degree of mental well-being, which affects pain relief felt by the patient.

Back massage

You should be lying face down. Before you start, you have to know that massages start from the neck to the sacrum. It has to be deep and slow movements, thumbs around the spine. Moves upward, downward and shoulders. Jacksonville, FL Massage follow this progression for back massages and are pleasant and healthy:

• Start bending the arm to the back and rubbing the edge of the shoulder blade up and down, so firm but gentle, with four fingers.
• With the kneading technique, on both sides of the spine from the neck to the sacrum, slow and deep. This will get loosen muscle tension.
• Use slide technique using the whole hand, across the back, from the neck to the hip opening to the sides, back to the starting position. Do not lose contact with the patient.
• The last movement is sliding neck, shoulders, and arms down to the hands.
• It is important to pay special attention and time to the root zone to relieve pain.

Relaxing the shoulders

Most people that were looking for a massage, their contracture is found on their shoulders, causing discomfort. Factors such as bad positions, lifting heavy weight, poor sleep, or other various reasons are the usual cause of muscle pain in the shoulders

Shoulder massages are very simple to do but have to do it very gently. Apply pressure from the head to the affected part and then followed by the neck to get more contracture. It is done once, and then shoulder massage is done in the two together smoothly.
Jacksonville, FL Massage also provides a general massage around the neck and face to relieve various pains such as in the head and shoulders.

Neck massage

One of the most affected parts of the body due to the daily routine is the neck. It carries all the tensions of our body as headaches, backaches and often neck pain due to a bad position when sleeping.

For this technique to be positive, the patient should sit in the way which is most comfortable. The masseur massage from the back without any difficulty.
You can do these massages with dry skin. However, it is better to use creams or oils that not only relieve pain but hydrates the skin.

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