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There are a variety of options for those who want to influence the development for the better. Below are some of them.

Affect the supply and information

On the Fairtrade / Rättvisemärkt website provides tips on how to influence the supply and the information about Fairtrade and Fair Trade products in your store, workplace, school, municipality or in the media. There are also special materials such as brochures, advocacy cards, posters, films and other download or order by mail. There are also materials available from the World stores website.

  • Influence of Fairtrade  >> 
  • Influence of the Fair Trade dealers >>  See under “Materials Order”

Ask the store about how goods are produced

As a consumer, you have more power than you might think. It is the consumer issues that largely have driven companies to take more responsibility. And the more people ask, the more pressure is put on businesses. Here is a checklist of questions that you can ask:

– Does the company have a code of conduct, ethics policy or they have signed a global framework agreement?

– How to follow up their ethical criteria?

– they release a third party for review?

– Do the employees in the supply chain a wage they can live on?

– Is the company in any multi-stakeholder initiatives working on the issue?

Write to companies

Often they have someone that’s CSR manager (Corporate Social Responsibility). Ask questions about how the goods are made (see sample questions above). Do you want to affect the apparel industry have clean linen postcard campaigns. Please read about the company before. See example Fair Trade Center’s Ethical Barometer.

Fair Trade Center’s Ethical Barometer >>

Become Ambassador / Information Officer

Clean Clothes arranges instructor courses and several players arrange ambassador courses for Fairtrade. Read more on their website what instuktör- and Ambassador exclusion means and when the next course is organized.

  • Become an ambassador for Fair Trade >>
  • Become informant for Clean clothes >>  (See Calendar)

Attend a flash appeal

When something special has happened (eg a company has violated the trade union rights of a certain factory) and human rights associations must act fast so organized so-called flash appeal that one can participate in. Click on the links below to participate in the flash appeal that is current .

  • Fair Trade Center’s flash appeal >>


Here are some links to some organizations and their campaigns for different purposes within the fair trade:

  • Fairtrade Dealers >> 
  • Red Cross Youth >>
  • Fair Trade Center >>

Read on!

Knowledge is the basis for all development. The tab  Reports & Essays>  Find articles and reports on various fair trade-related topics. Under the ” Players “> you will find links to websites with information about the most.

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