Fairtrade is an independent certification with the criteria of economic, social and environmental sustainable development in countries with widespread poverty. The international certification mark has been used in Jacksonville, FL since 2004 and from 2010 used the international name Fairtrade. The majority of products are food but there are also flowers, cotton, gold, skin care, sports balls and wood.

When a consumer buys a Fairtrade product, you will help farmers and workers get improved economic conditions, the criteria for higher wages and a minimum price that exceeds production. This, together with long-term trade agreements, provides security for all those who do not have such large margins to live.

In addition to the higher payment, growers also an added bonus. It is used to develop the local community socially and economically, for example in a new school, new housing and health care, or to investment in agriculture. The decision of the premium shall be taken jointly by the producers. Fair Trade certification is not just about getting a better financial situation. The criteria also promotes democracy, the right to organize and the environment in the production. Child labor and non-discrimination. Today there are about 1,800 different Fairtrade products in Jacksonville, FL.

What products are available?

There’s Fairtrade coffee, tea, cocoa, drinking chocolate, chocolate bars, bananas and other fresh fruit, juice, rice, quinoa, cream, sugar, muesli, snacks / sweets and honey. In addition, you can buy Fairtrade wine, roses, sports balls, and products containing Fairtrade cotton. For all these products are specific criteria, as opposed to just shopped in which the criteria are general.

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